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Views Of The City

While I was a journalist, I also worked as a photographer for several newspapers. Above are a few of my more recent photos of my favorite place in the world – San Francisco.

Aron Estate Planning is a small law firm specializing in Estate Planning. We have one attorney and one staff member. We are located in a small building directly on Market Street, in the heart of the Castro Neighborhood of San Francisco. We love our neighborhood and want to be a safe place for all people.

Creating an Estate Plan with us is not a passive process, we want you to play an active part in your own plan. We want you to ask questions so that you truly understand what you are creating, and why. We want to get to know you so that we can help now, and in the future. For this reason, we usually meet with all of our clients three times. Once to get to know you, once to hammer out your plan, and finally to sign your documents.

All this interaction takes time, which is why we charge flat rates for our services. Hourly billing is one of the main reasons people do not like to hire attorneys and why relationships between attorneys and clients go sour. For this reason we always inform you before any expense is undertaken, and you will never be surprised by a bill for the time we spend talking to you or answering your questions.

Recently we have been conducting many of our meetings on the ZOOM platform, but now that everyone in our office is fully vaccinated we are offering in person meetings as well. After your plan is signed, we want to set you up for success by continuing to reach out to you with new information and opportunities. We are starting a quarterly newsletter and are building a library of short videos to answer some of the most important questions we receive. Finally, we will be reminding you to keep your plan in tip-top shape with regular plan reviews. We are not just here to write a few documents, we want you to rely on us for the long haul.

At Aron Estate Planning, we strive to make each individual client feel welcome and heard. After all it is your estate plan, and we will work with you to tailor your documents to fit your goals and concerns.

There is never a time too early to start planning your estate and for the future. Whether you need a “simple will” or to establish a Revocable Living Trust, let Elizabeth Aron help you along your path. If you reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is no better time or place to start planning your estate. Contact Elizabeth Aron to set up an appointment and get the peace of mind you have been searching for today.

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