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Start by scheduling a free initial appointment. This meeting at my office or your home, gives you an opportunity to ask questions and allows me to learn more about you and your goals. If you want to proceed, you will pay a flat fee for me to make a plan that is customized to fit you. We will have one or two additional meetings to build and sign your Estate Plan documents.
In California, if you die without a will (Intestate) or if you have an estate worth more than $150, 000, then your loved ones will need to go through the Probate Court to settle your estate. Probate is a public court process where your assets and beneficiaries are identified, your creditors are notified, and your business is made public. During the process, which can take more than a year, the court directs how and where your assets will be distributed. It will also cost your loved ones.
  • If your Estate is worth $200,000 - Probate can cost $7,000
  • If your Estate is worth $1,000,000 - Probate can cost $23,000
In other words, Probate is expensive, time-consuming and public. Your loved ones will be grateful if they can avoid this process.
An estate plan is not just a will or a trust, it is a portfolio of documents. Estate Planning is about what happens to you while you are alive, even before it determines what happens after you are gone. A good estate plan can help you live out your life in a place where you are comfortable, with the help you need, and the end of life decisions you make. After you are gone, these documents will protect your family and your assets, as well as leave the legacy you imagined.
As part of planning your estate, you will need to decide who you trust to perform certain jobs when you are no longer able to perform them yourself. You will choose an agent to make health care decisions for you, as well as an agent to make financial decisions for you while you are incapacitated. You will also appoint a person to take care of your person and estate after you die.

There are three ideas you should think about when you are making these decisions:

Relation: When you list someone as a trustee or as a guardian or as an agent, you can only give them so many written instructions. They will need to know you, and you must be able to talk to them about difficult topics, in order for them to make the best decisions. Lots of people choose relatives to make their decisions, but many people are not close enough to their own families for it to make sense to put a family member in charge of important decisions. Instead of having a relative, you may want to choose someone you can open up to. It will make the documents better and it may also bring you closer to your friend or loved one.

Location: Sometimes the location of an agent or executor is very important. For example, when you are deciding on a guardian for small children, you might choose someone who lives nearby. That way your children have someplace safe to go immediately and have less disruption in their lives. If you have a medical situation, you may also want a health agent nearby who can be on the spot to make urgent decisions.

Vocation: When you are making an appointment, try to put people in a position to succeed in the jobs that you give them. Think about the strengths and weaknesses of that person. Someone who can make a difficult decision about end-of-life medical care, may not necessarily be the best person to decide how to invest the funds in a Trust.
During the COVID pandemic, Aron Estate Planning moved to a virtual business model to keep our community safe. Now that restrictions are easing and everyone in our office has been fully vaccinated, we are happy to be able to host our clients in our office for all meetings. Decisions about mask wearing in those meetings will reflect the choices that make our clients the most comfortable. Of course, there will always be the option of virtual meetings which can be more convenient for many people.

Whether you come into the office or meet with us over Zoom, we are looking forward to meeting and working with you. If you have any questions about our COVID policy please reach out.
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